Special Classes

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  • Kumbala

    Salsa & Bachata Lessons

Discover your rhythm

Get ready to let loose and have fun in our group classes. In the first half of class, you will learn the basic steps and footwork. Then, you will partner up and practice your leading/following. Partners will rotate throughout class, so it is not necessary to bring one. We offer classes for absolute beginners all the way to more advanced levels.







Level 1

Are you an Absolute beginner? Never even tried dancing before? You’re in the right place! With our friendly and encouraging environment, we welcome people who are brand new to dancing. In our Level 1 classes, we will teach you the basic steps (starting with the side step, cumbia step, left/right turn, cross body lead), the proper connections, and the correct timing. No partner or experience necessary.

Level 2

Ready to take things to the next level? Our Level 2 classes will teach you the steps and proper technique for an inside turn, outside turn, travel turn, New York walk, and reverse turn. We also offer a Creative Level 2 class where you will learn patterns including the Copa, box step, mambo step, and double right/left turn. 

Level 3

Wanting to challenge yourself? Learn more combos to gain confidence on the dance floor in our Level 3 classes. In these classes you will learn the technique for triple spins within more complicated and creative patterns. Expect to sweat with these high speed and intense dance combos.  


  • 4 Classes
  • Choice of Salsa or Bachata
  • $40
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Classes per Month
  • $100